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Drive your business with real insights.

Learn how to find and meet the needs of independent real estate investors and small business owners.

What drives real estate investors? How and where to they find potential investment properties? What resources do they use to make investment decisions? What do they expect from mortgage brokers and finance companies?

If you’re a mortgage broker seeking to grow your business by offering financing for residential investment properties and small commercial buildings, knowing the answers to these questions is paramount to your success.

WIN stands for “What Investors Need,” because understanding the needs of your clients is a fundamental rule for every business. You can’t win if you don’t know who your client is and what they want from your company.

In June of 2019, we conducted a quantitative research survey among independent real estate investors and small business owners to better understand their interests, behaviors and preferences. Our study included questions on how investors find, evaluate, and select investment properties, along with the media channels, tools and resources they use to be successful.

In addition, the study also explored the differences between real estate investors in general and those who seek financing from alternative, specialty finance companies like Velocity.

A total of 287 residential and small commercial property investors were interviewed. Survey participants were screened and contacted at random from a large, multi-sourced Internet research panel of several million households. All participants had purchased or refinanced a residential investment or small commercial property in the last ten years.